Online advertising is a part of the entire marketing mix. You will need to consider the price of the product/service to target the audience before choosing the medium of advertisement. It is important for the target audience to afford the products/services without turning out to have cheap taste or cheap quality. It is equally important to consider how the products /services will be packaged to ensure they are appealing to the specific target audience.

Businesses that are persistently engaged in advertisement regardless of the changing economic times can expect to receive a competitive advantage. The benefits of advertising include:

· Offer information to customers

Taking the opportunity to advertise a particular product helps to keep the customers informed about new developments within the industry. The advertisement informs people about the products and/or services, their utilities, and cost- among other requirements. This helps to make better purchases. Advertisements also provide information to the customers about newly launched products.

· Increase the customer base

Advertising seeks to maintain loyal customers while enlisting new customers and decreasing lost customers. Therefore, the overall effect of an effective advertising campaign is to increase the level of customers who become loyal customers.

· Improves the sale

Advertising ensures an increase in the sales levels. Therefore, it helps to reduce the per unit costs of the product or service, helping the organization to earn profits.

· Communicates directly to the customers

In the early days, customers relied on the opinion of the retailers when making the decision to buy a product. However, with the spread of advertising and media just about everywhere, people are getting informed about the availability of products and services and the advantages of purchasing them. Businesses are able to communicate directly to the market.

· Changes people’s attitudes

An effective advertisement campaign changes the habits and attitudes of people. It helps customers to choose a product and/or service over other products or services.

· Increase employment

Advertising can be a complicated task. Research teams and design teams among other people are involved in making and delivering the advertisement. Many businesses are choosing to hire the services of professional marketing companies. Thus, advertising campaigns generate employment for many people.

Proper marketing research needs to be performed before engaging in a marketing campaign. This way, the advertising campaigns. Despite the fact that the advertising campaigns involve an initial investment, the business can expect to generate a positive return on investment (ROI) within a short time. The Business will be able to notice massive improvements in sales.